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QF9-00678  |  Inspiron 13
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"It's okay" just about sums it up. I was looking for a relatively inexpensive balance between speed, small size, and cost, and this fits the bill. It has a tendency to spin the hard drive sometimes if I have it active for a long time, and the screen does not turn off unless I close the lid, even though I have it set to do so whether it is plugged in or not, but other than that, it's a fine piece of Dell. I do enjoy the large capacity of the 1 TB hard drive, which was truly a make or break deal f...

Dell Inspiron 13 review by Phil can be read at Amazon (CA)
 Rated It 
3.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 21/06/2017
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
Pricey for an Inspiron 5000.
Some thoughts on the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 vs 7000Price:At $850 CAD, you can catch the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series on sale, with 7th generation Core i5, 8 GB and a 256 SSD. It also has an aluminum chassis, not a plastic one, which is a lot more sturdy.Build:Surprisingly good and sturdy, given it is a Dell.Performance:The major downside is the 1TB mechanical drive. I'd replace it with an SSD. The way I have my computing setup, I have a home server with a DDNS setup so I can access my storage at ...

Dell Inspiron 13 review by Amazon Customer can be read at Amazon (CA)
Amazon Customer
 Rated It 
4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 23/12/2016
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
At first I was pleased with the laptop
At first I was pleased with the laptop...but I've had it a total of a week and change and the touch screen is acting up as well as the speakers..

Dell Inspiron 13 review by Amazon Customer can be read at Amazon (CA)
Amazon Customer
 Rated It 
2.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 18/12/2016
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
Bad experience
I bought this laptop within a month, it started making noise. Amazon advised me contact Dell directly. But Dell can't replace a new one for me. The technical support tried guiding me find out the problem before they take it back for repair. It waste me a lot of time. It is the first time I shopped on Amazon and will be the last time as well. Very inconvenient. I would rather just buy from store, and if I have any problem, just go back to store for return or exchange.

Dell Inspiron 13 review by Superstar can be read at Amazon (CA)
 Rated It 
1.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 28/07/2017
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
Five Stars
Love it!!! Does all the things I need, fast. Touchscreen is super handy!!

Dell Inspiron 13 review by Alexandra Johnston can be read at Amazon (CA)
Alexandra Johnston
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 19/01/2018
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
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